Welcome to Summersweet Design

Summersweet Design is a Portland wedding florist creating lush and gorgeous weddings and events with a Pacific Northwest sensibility.

We love flowers

We think your wedding day should be a special celebration! After all, it's the start of your marriage, you should go all out! To us, flowers are a key element of that celebration, often setting the tone and color palette for a great party

We love design

While we primarily focus on flowers, we also care about bringing all the design details together to create a cohesive, stylish event that represents your personality. It’s the little things that tie an entire celebration together.

We love our clients

We feel passionate about remaining a boutique-style floral design studio so our clients get only the best care. We focus our attention on working with couples that are gracious, excited to get married, have a genuine love for flowers and a high value for them at their wedding. We also love taking care of our clients that need flowers for special occasions.

Most of all, we love what we do.  Feel like we’d match? Contact us to see if we’re available for your wedding or event date. We’d love to get to know you!